Family Therapy

Families can experience a wide range of issues. Some of the things I help families with include:

Life Cycle Transitions Families commonly experience challenges as they pass from one life stage to the next: new couples establishing their norms, the arrival of children (or recognizing voluntary or involuntary childlessness), adolescent challenges to authority, second marriages, and the empty nest.

Excess Conflict All families have disagreements. If they become too heated or occur too regularly, your family may benefit from a guided exploration of what’s going on.

Trauma, Grief & Loss Sometimes families must cope with an unexpected challenge: revelation of an affair, death, catastrophic illness, loss of income, criminal violence, etc. Therapy cannot remove the pain of these events, but it can help a family process hurt and loss, find strength and support from each other, and explore when and how to move forward.

Failure to Launch Young adults remain in, or return to, the parents’ nest. Regardless of cause, it nearly always runs counter to expectations, and therefore necessitates a re-examination of roles and responsibilities within the home.

If your family could benefit from Family Therapy, feel free to reach out to us by calling 561-271-7104.